TCI Overview

The Texas Club of Internists (TCI) is the nation’s only statewide society of internal medicine specialists dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of cutting-edge medical knowledge in a social atmosphere of lifetime friendships among physicians and their spouses.

Since 1924 TCI has offered its elected members the highest quality continuing medical education in two meetings per year, a spring meeting rotating among the seven medical schools of Texas and a fall meeting at a top academic medical center anywhere in the world.

The TCI membership consists of approximately 150 physicians specializing in internal medicine, nominated by the members of their geographical district and elected by vote of the entire membership. Equal membership from the seven geographical regions ensures representation from throughout the state.

To be proposed for election, prospective members must exhibit professional integrity, scholarly and erudite qualities and accomplishments, as well as friendliness and social attributes that lend richness and compatibility to Club life.

Physicians elected to TCI membership generally remain active throughout their practice years and into retirement, becoming Members Emeritus at age 70. Long-term members typically consider the intellectual stimulation and the deep friendships from across the Great State to be highlights of their careers.